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AKIGAI founders hold a global patent covering use of EGFR-inhibitors, a class of drugs that has been given to millions of people for the last 20 years, in neuropathic pain.

Clinical data describing rapid and dramatic pain relief in >100 patients in 11 different pain entities, using 5 different EGFR-inhibitors, already exists. The side-effects of EGFR-inhibitors are well-known and manageable.

Thus, repurposing, developing non-marketed candidates further, or even developing a new chemical entity would represent considerably less risk, while targeting an unmet medical need with an enormous market.

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For investors

AKIGAI is preparing for funding to advance one of our identified development candidates to a phase II trial.

We are looking for investors who can bring experience in drug development and in partnering with larger pharmaceutical companies, to the table.

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AKIGAI is open for partnership models with companies that are interested in

  1. developing new drugs against neuropathic pain
  2. out-license EGFR-inhibitors to AKIGAI
  3. developing EGFR-inhibitors against neuropathic pain together with AKIGAI.

The partnership model would depend on our mutual interests and the specific EGFR-inhibitor.

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Startuplab is an incubator and early stage investor for Norway's most ambitious technology startups.

Sørlandet Sykehus

Sørlandet Sykehus

Regional hospital in Southern Norway. The first observation of neuropathic pain relief was made and reported by oncologists at Sorlandet Hospital Trust. Since then, Sorlandet Hospital has continuously facilitated and supported research and development initiatives to bring EGFR-inhibitors to patients suffering from neuropathic pain.

Møsbu AS

Møsbu AS

Gunnar Evensen is currently Board Chairman and investor in a number of technology companies.  He has a degree in business administration and has worked as a top executive in Norwegian business and industry for many years.