Selected publications

1st clinical evidence of heterodimer concept.

Heterodimer concept confirmed in rodent models.

Positive signals in a randomized, phase-II placebo-controlled proof of concept trial using EGFR-inhibition in CRPS and compressed nerve injury.

Ten institutions have reported dramatic relief of neuropathic pain after treatment with EGFR-inhibitors in >100 patients.


Further prospective systematic observations from an exploratory study in patients with neuropathic cancer pain.

Perfect alignment: A series of circumstances, vigilance, clinical acumen, and serendipity.

Second case series: Confirmation of hypothesis.

Hypothesis: Reduction in neuropathic pain through EGFR-inhibition.

Further proof of concept
from external groups

Screening method 1 identifying EGFR as target against neuropathic pain.

1st case series from a different group reporting pain relief after treatment with the mAb panitumumab.

Review of EGFR in pain modulation.

Screening method 2 identifying EGFR as target against neuropathic pain.

The EGFR's potential role in opioid tolerance is first introduced.

EGFR-ligand is released from intervertebral disks and induces spontaneous activity in pain pathways.

1st preclinical confirmation of pain relief through EGFR-inhibition.