For patients

We are deeply moved by the suffering endured by patients with neuropathic pain and the dramatic relief we have witnessed is a constant source of motivation (and obligation) for us to do what we can to bring this treatment to more patients in need.

We do not encourage widespread and long term off-label use of EGFR-inhibitors against neuropathic pain but are happy to inform and collaborate with colleagues and patient organizations intending to focus clinical resources and research efforts to find more effective and well-tolerated treatment alternatives for neuropathic pain.

Innovation grants funded EGFR-inhibitors for the first few patients treated for neuropathic pain. Public funding continued reimbursement for those patients who responded but does not reimburse EGFR-inhibitors for new patients treated for neuropathic pain.

AKIGAI was founded in order to accelerate development of EGFR-inhibitors for treatment of neuropathic pain so that it can become broadly available.

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